D3C returns for its third year with the start of a season long narrative called Shipyard Souls & A Compass Rose.

Like the previous years, each D3C will showcase a small collection of short plays, but unlike previous seasons, Year Three’s short plays will all hang together to form a larger narrative work. If you come to one night, you will see two to three new plays that can be understood and enjoyed with no knowledge of the previous or successive works necessary. If you join us for the entire season, you’ll see characters and story lines reappear. In effect, the first half of year three will be one full-length play, broken up into self-contained nights. This full-length collection is called “Shipyard Souls & A Compass Rose” and its narrative careens from prohibition era Brooklyn to Tennessee in the 1970’s to a dockside bar in Victorian England. It’s a collection of lost causes and lives lost to the sea, things that more than one character feels “are the only things worth fighting for.”

That Every Sunken Ship May Rise Again 

Whit -   Mark Von Sternberg

Haxell – Anthony Marino

Neal – Ian Poake

Captain Albert – Gil Ron

Alex - Stephen Fontana

Annetje – Jessica Bathurst

Threats & Psalms & The Delight of War

Alex - Stephen Fontana

Bone Dry but Determined to Drown

Howe – Sean Meehan 

Paula - Kendra Leigh Landon

Alex - Stephen Fontana

Words by Stephen Gracia

Actions by Michael LoPorto

Produced by Edie Nugent